Rent a GoPro Hero 6 Black

Rent a GoPro Hero 6 Black | GoPro Rentals | GoPro Experience

Why rent a GoPro Hero 6 Black?

  • A hike in the mountains with friends

  • A wedding (you may need more GoPro cameras and accessories!)

  • The launch of a new product/service at your company

  • A soccer game with friends

  • A graduation ceremony

  • A birthday

  • Anything else you want to capture on camera that matters to you!

Here are some of the great features of the GoPro Hero 6 Black:

  • Twice the performance compared to the Hero 5 Black
  • Stunning slow-motion at 4K60 fps and 1080p240 fps
  • Advanced image stabilization
  • Incredible low-light performance
  • Touch the screen to zoom
  • Voice commands
  • Waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing
  • Easy transfer to your smartphone with Quick Stories to build your movie right there, right now
  • 4K video, Raw/HDR photo, exposure control, stereo audio, GPS, elevation gain, speedometer

Rent it now and capture what matters to you!