How the GoPro was invented | GoPro ExperienceBack in 2002, the only way to record your surf session was from the shore or from a jet-ski… no way to see the real action!

It was an issue for Nicholas Woodman, a surfer who wanted to capture every moment of his favourite sport activities!

With his wife-to-be, he started by selling bead and shell belts to finance his project: create a wristband with a camera that you can bring everywhere without worry to lose it! And Voilà, The GoPro was born!

In 2005, Nick Woodman started to sell his product being invited to a home shopping channel and at that time, nobody was thinking that he would become a billionaire.

Since 2005, he has been working hard with his team to get the camera smaller, lighter and to improve the record quality. Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3… in 2012, a Chinese company (Foxconn) invests $200 million in GoPro Inc.

Now, the GoPro supports WiFi, can be remotely controlled, has a waterproof housing, uses a micro SD card, and record in an amazing quality! More than only surf, the aim of GoPro became to capture some of the world’s most reckless activities – skydiving, base jumping, white water rafting – as close as possible.

But remember that Nick Woodman created this wearable camera because he was frustrated of not being able to take pictures of his friends and family during his favorite activities… comes 2015, no more frustration, the GoPro Hero 4 is here! (And guess what… you can even rent it! From GoProExperience of course!)

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