Please look at the package photo on any GoPro photo galleries to view what’s included.

Feel free to add any accessories to help you capture your adventure!


If you wish to cancel your booking for any reason, we require a minimum of 2 days before the start date of your booking.
If you provide us with a minimum of 2 days notice, we will refund the full rental amount to you.
For a late cancellation (less than 2 days before the start date of your rental), we will charge the full rental amount if your rental is less than 2 days long or 2 days worth of rental of the full equipment if your rental is longer than 2 days, whichever applies.

For example, if your rental start date is Saturday, you need to ensure you cancel by Wednesday end of day at the latest to avoid any cancellation fee.

This cancellation policy helps us serve you better to ensure the rental equipment is available when you expect it according to the availability showing on the calendar.

For any questions, please contact us.

We use Stripe to process all transactions. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD AND AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Yes, go ahead and have fun anywhere, anytime and thanks for taking our cameras on vacation, they deserve it!

You can ask one of your friends, a parent or guardian who owns a credit card to rent the equipment on your behalf. Please note that the credit card owner will need to be at the pickup/delivery location and show a government-issued ID that matches the credit card to move forward with the rental.

You need to plug the GoPro into a computer with the included USB cable and download it. Please note that you are responsible for recovering your content BEFORE your return the equipment to GoPro Experience. We will delete all content on the SD card as soon as it comes back into our inventory.

If, for whatever reason, you reckon you won’t be able to return the rental on time, please send us an email with as much notice as possible. We always do our best to help you but if your rental comes back more than 15 minutes after the due time, the rate of an additional rental day for the full rented equipment package will be added to your bill. This is to ensure we have our equipment ready on time for the next person.

By choosing to not have a physical location like a retail space, we save on the costs of running the company. In turn, it allows us to offer you a very attractive rental rate.
We like to pass savings to our customers, just a nice gesture from us to you, we’re nice guys like that.

The pre-authorization is mandatory for every rentals but contact us and we’d be happy to find an alternative solution for you.