Wear your GoPro any way you want to capture what matters to you!

Our comprehensive “Wear your GoPro” package includes all you need to switch your GoPro to different body parts to capture unique angles.

The chest harness or pole are great when hiking or snowshoeing for example, while the head or wrist straps free up your hands when skiing, sledding or skating.

The sticker mounts make it even easier to mount your GoPro on a helmet or pretty much any support you may need to use.

As they stick pretty well, when you rent them, they actually become yours to keep! 🙂

The package includes:

– 1 Chest Harness

– 1 Head Strap

– 1 Wrist Strap

– 1 Pole

– 2 Sticker mounts (flat and curved)

Grab the “Wear your GoPro” package, along with one of the GoPros for rent and go capture what matters to you!

Any questions? Ask them in the comments below, we’ll reply to you, promised!