Capture your office tour, product launch, workshop, promotional video or anything else that matters to you with the “Mobile Video Studio”!

Did you know:

  • the Mobile Video Studio fits in a sports bag so you can easily take it anywhere
  • the studio lights also work on battery so if you feel adventurous and want to capture your product launch at the top of a mountain, guess what? You can!
  • It’s super simple to setup and you can either do everything yourself or we can be part of the crew to capture your event in a professional way, you choose!

The Mobile Video Studio is the perfect package to shoot a vlog, office tour or any video.

It contains everything you need to setup a small video studio anywhere:

    • 3 GoPro cameras: (2 Hero 6 Black and 1 Hero 4 Silver)
    • Karma Grip Stabilizer
    • Zoom H4N (sound recording) with lavalier microphone
    • Studio lights
    • 2 tripod packs

Watch out world, here you come with your new video project! Rent the Mobile Video Studio today for exciting results!