How to record with your GoPro while keeping it plugged into power

In certain situations, your project will call for a GoPro camera to be setup to record and will need to be plugged into power constantly.

charge-and-record-at-the-same-time-with-this-special-gopro-housingFor example, you may wish to record the progress of a building or event stage being assembled or maybe a sunrise/sunset, highway traffic from the top of a building, nature’s elements like flowers, trees, ocean waves and much more.

To avoid having to change the battery every few hours, you’ll need to have the GoPro powered constantly.

But how do you achieve this without compromising the protection of your GoPro and use a housing?

Simply get the “skeleton housing” with the side open!

This way, you can still protect your GoPro and use the connections on the side.

You could also use this side opening to plug a professional microphone to capture more of the surrounding sound or “live-feed” the video to a monitor.

Would you be interested in renting such housings instead of buying them for your projects? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get them for you.