GoPro Experience helps you capture your wonderful moments in life with the best wearable camera on the market.
Rent a GoPro and accessories with GoPro Experience and get ready to record what matters most to you.

Think GoPro cameras are just for adrenaline junkies? Think again…


You’re marrying the Love of your Life…

With multiple GoPros, you will capture the point of view from the cute little ring bearer bringing them to both of you through the aisle, the uncle who likes to “shake it” on 70s’ style music, the grandma who’s falling asleep in the sun, the dog who’s stealing a piece of the cake while nobody’s watching (except the GoPro camera that’s capturing it!), a timelapse of the guests finding their seat at the ceremony, the bride’s emotions from a GoPro cleverly concealed within the bouquet in her hands…

Can you see it in your mind? Can you feel it in your heart?

Those are the precious memories you always dreamed of… and you can capture them in the most intimate way with GoPro cameras and the right accessories…

Let us know when your special day is and we’ll help you capture it!

GoPro Calgary | Rent a GoPro | GoPro Experience

You’re going on a beautiful sunday morning jog with your beloved dog, you rent 2 GoPros, one you wear on your chest, one with the dog accessory.

Capture both angles of your adventure, mix and match the video footage for a simple yet beautiful moment of your life.

GoPro Calgary | Rent a GoPro | GoPro Experience

You’re celebrating your kid’s 5th birthday. Rent 3 GoPros, let your kid wear one and 2 of his friends. Let them play in the snow, in water, sliding down a toboggan, running in the park, climbing trees, grabbing a piece of the delicious birthday cake with their fingers…

Mix this video footage and create the best video memory of your kid’s 5th birthday, what a unique gift!

GoPro Calgary | Rent a GoPro | GoPro Experience

You’re putting together your company’s Christmas party. Rent 10 GoPros, distribute them among your staff and let them capture those unique moments that are simply too difficult to catch for a single photo/videographer.

Bring the video footage together and create the movie of one of the most memorable corporate parties ever thrown in Calgary!



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We want to simplify access to the best wearable camera on the market and show you that you don’t have to jump off a helicopter or surf the biggest waves in Hawaï to make the most out of your adventure.